boo !! 
it's the pumpkin pie festival

   {  game script  }

    the synopsis !!

cream & maurice are twin cats who wanted to change their big city lives moving to the cozy little true-heart village a week before halloween. very welcomed by the friendly locals they get to help with the decorations of the pumpkin pie festival !!
cream experience new things and believes he has found his true happy place, until some weird things start to happen and he finds that his new friends may be in big trouble.

    the critters !!

cream : is a very friendly and energetic white cat who likes ghosts, gardening and playing games with maurice, his twin brother 2 minutes younger. he's always willing to help his friends !!

maurice : is a rather apathetic and meticulous white cat who likes watchmaking, naps and playing games with cream, his twin brother 2 minutes older. despite being quite an introvert, he can easily make friends.

flopsy : is a stubborn, over-talking white bunny who likes to collect random things he finds beautiful. he tries to know all the things that are going on and tries to help whenever it's needed !

lina : is a "tough outside soft inside" black mouse that likes halloween decorations and refuses to walk around during the day unless absolutely necessary. she tries to act indifferent towards everyone but actually has a big heart and is sensitive.

ursulla : is a sweet, kind brown bear who likes to bake, even if she's not good at it. she lives with agatha and is always worried about something, but disguises very well and acts calmly.

agatha : is a troublemaker black cat with a questionable sense of humor who likes rain and ursulla's food. she's not very friendly to anyone, but she has a good heart and cares a lot about others.

lissy : is an outgoing and popular elephant who enjoys fashion and cooking. she tends to be helpful but also likes to be spoiled in return. she's victoria's best friend.

victoria : is a beautiful, polite reindeer who likes to post on social media. she doesn't miss an opportunity to be convenient, but doesn't usually go over anyone. she's a loyal friend.

galena : is a shy and clumsy groundhog who likes books and computers. she has a hard time making friends and dreams of being friends with victoria and lissy.

bob : is a fun and humorous golden retriever who likes to fish and dreams of visiting the sea. lives with anton in the woods next to the village and is his best friend.

anton : is a serious and quiet black bear who likes to eat fresh fish and is a lumberjack. he doesn't usually go to the village much but is kind and helpful.

miss baker : is a gentle, typical granny mole who likes to knit and bake cookies. she owns the village convenience store in the back of her house.

richard : is a somewhat clumsy beaver who likes to be helpful to others. he's the mayor of the true-heart village, has a wife and a little son and tries to provide as much help as possible to the residents.

    the story !!

in progress !!